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From its humble beginnings, Osch Design was born from our love of art and the beautiful world around us. Blending ironic twists with our trademark ribbon style, Osch Design delivers streetwear statement pieces for both men and women.

Osch Design was founded in 2019 based on the designs of architect and artist Otto Schade. Otto moved from Chile to Berlin in 2005, and later to England in pursuit of his artistic dreams. After attaining an architecture degree, Otto’s passions expanded into urban art.

What began as oil paint on canvas quickly grew to collages, illustrations and stencil free-hand spray paint on canvas and wall. But it was the local street art scene in London’s district of Shoreditch where he earned his street cred name, Osch, and quickly became known for his anti-war and urban contemporary themes with his trademark ribbon style.

And now, his artistic visions continue with one-of-a-kind streetwear pieces in Osch Design.

Creating your own personal style comes easy with Osch Design. Our wardrobe staples boast urban contemporary vibes with sharp and ironic twists, helping you bring your style and personal image to life. But don’t take our word for it, check out our unique streetwear pieces for men and women here.

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